Watch gameplay of GTFO’s new level and enemy

Watch gameplay of GTFO’s new level and enemy

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GTFO’s big new update is here.

After teasing it last week, GTFO dev 10 Chambers has released the new Vessel update for the terrifying co-op shooter. This is the third Rundown refresh, and it brings a change of scenery for all players.

The new location, called Lab, is inspired by Alien. There’s a lot less fog in the Lab compared to previous GTFO areas, which is nice because it’ll hopefully let you see the new enemy type coming.

The Lab breaks into seven new expeditions, with the usual assortment of GTFO objectives. You’ll also find new weapons to choose from.

10 Chambers is placing greater emphasis on story this time around. You’ll find more narrative in the Lab than any of the previous zones. In particular, the developer is excited to include more details about the game’s world that will hopefully offer some explanation as to what’s actually going on in GTFO’s brutal, bizarre world.

Watch the new footage below, and check out the game’s Steam page for more.

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