Valorant 1.02 Patch Notes: Ranked Added, Viper Buffed

Valorant 1.02 Patch Notes: Ranked Added, Viper Buffed

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Since its launch earlier this month, Valorant players have been asking for the inclusion of a ranked play to be added to the multiplayer shooter. In Patch 1.02, Riot Games is finally adding a Competitive Mode, alongside numerous balance and quality of life changes.

Competitive Mode will let you test your skills in a more competitively focused environment, with Riot Games renaming the top rank to “Radiant” after some initial confusion. You’ll have to play placement matches to attain an initial rank, and Riot says that the skill disparity during these matches has been tuned to better fit with players in your party.

Another big addition is the ability to surrender matches, which will come in handy for ranked matches where teams are very clearly mismatched. Valorant games can take a long time to complete, with 14 rounds required to win. Teams can now start a surrender vote after eight rounds, and only vote once per round. If it succeeds, winning teams are rewarded based on how many rounds they require to win, while the losing team is penalized in the same manner.

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