Demon’s Souls PS5 Remake Lets You Save And Store Characters

Demon’s Souls PS5 Remake Lets You Save And Store Characters

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Demon’s Souls fans know that builds are an important part of the action-RPG experience. Creating a certain character based on specific stats is par for the course, but Sony has confirmed that players of the PlayStation 5 remake may have a little more freedom to experiment.

Creative director at SIE Worldwide Studios’ External Development Gavin Moore said the team introduced an option within the Nexus where players can “store” their character. In an interview with GameSpot, Moore explained that while the feature is not the standard way players respec their characters (i.e. resetting stats to place upgrade points in different skill trees at any point during the game), players can change their character after paying a certain amount of souls.

“What we have done is we’ve updated the character creator and we’ve given thousands upon thousands of new permutations where you can create and you can play,” Moore said. “And then once you’ve chosen a character, what you can do is, after you’ve paid a number of souls for it, in the Nexus you can actually kind of store your character and then go in and change your character in the Nexus. So that’s the quick interpretation of it, I guess.”

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