Demon’s Souls PS5: Fractured Mode, Respec, World Tendency Details

Demon’s Souls PS5: Fractured Mode, Respec, World Tendency Details

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For many, Dark Souls was their entry point into From Software’s Souls series. The cultural zeitgeist around the game attracted people eager to find out why everyone was raving about this fantasy RPG that prides itself on difficulty and an intricate but obtuse narrative.

But for many Souls evangelists, the obsession began with PS3 title Demon’s Souls. Unlike its successor, word of mouth wasn’t on the game’s side and, as a result, it enjoyed a small but passionate cult following–ultimately remaining a niche game. Nonetheless, it established much of what defined and continues to define the Souls series.

It’s a fascinating game that, unfortunately, has been incredibly difficult to find and play. Even those who go through the trouble of getting a PS3 can’t play it as it was intended–online play is an important component of the game but its servers are no longer available. This, in large part, is why there has been such a thirst for a remake. With the PlayStation 5, From Software’s seminal Souls title is returning, complete with all-new visuals and gameplay tweaks, courtesy of the masters of the remaster, Bluepoint Games.

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